about tess

In 2016 I graduated at Luca School of Arts (Brussels) in Graphic Design illustration and choose to follow technical goldsmith classes. I decided to turn my desire to become a designer into reality. I wanted to create a durable and unique jewellery label driven by honesty and emotion where I could develop myself through time. Therefore I put my focus on timeless design with a long lifespan where craftsmanship and quality are priority. Every piece is handcrafted in Belgium by me or an experienced team. In addition to the collection, it is possible that we create together your tailor made jewellery.

When designing I always look for a balance. This can be a balance between ornament and minimalism, a balance between colors and lines but also a balance where certain figures meet. When working in my atelier serendipity often takes a leading roll and I will use coincidences as improvements for the design I’m working on in that moment. I use a lot of feeling and I always follow my intuition.

As a child I loved to collect stones, shells or anything that I felt connected to. Still when I'm looking for a gemstone, I look for a connection. Something special a stone has that makes me want to look at it more closely. I feel no need to look for perfection. Imperfections add value to the authenticity and individuality of an object and this increases the uniqueness of a jewel. When picking one gemstone out of hundreds I look for the stone that has a special light, an interesting clearness or inclusion, an attractive color or cut.


Sterling Silver 925

Yellow Gold     18k

Rose Gold        18k
White Gold       18k