Since 2016 I design handcrafted, durable and timeless jewellery.

It feels very natural to me to work with an innovating mindset but also one that holds on to values like conscious design and production, local manufacture and authenticity. This production takes place in Mechelen, Belgium, in an open atelier behind the store but also in the Antwerp diamond district. All the jewellery is handcrafted with recyclable materials by myself and an experienced team so I can be sure that I can offer the best quality.

For most people a jewel carries an emotional value, which makes it even more important that the jewellery is created with care and patience. Therefore I work with the highest silver 925 and gold 750 quality and use carefully selected minerals.

When designing jewellery, I always look for a balance. This can be a balance between ornament and minimalism, a balance between colors and lines but also a balance where certain figures meet.

I love to use specific gemstones that hold on my attention. What we call ‘good quality’ refers to what a certain group of people expects when buying a gemstone. I think it's more interesting to walk away from the mainstream expectations and look at a stone differently. It can be a very personal approach. When I look for a gemstone, I look for an attraction, something special a stone has that makes me want to look at it from differtent angles. I feel no need to look for perfection. Imperfections make an object alive and different from one another and in the end they make the jewel even more personal. When picking one gemstone out of hundreds I look for the stone that has a special light, an interesting clearness or inclusion, an attractive color or cut.

Also serendipity takes a leading roll in my atelier. While working with my hands and the metal at my workbench I will use coincidences that cross my path as improvements for the design I’m working on in that moment, I use a lot of feeling and I always follow my gut.

As a child I was already making bracelets and loved to collect stones, shells or anything that I felt connected to. When I was 11 years old, I was inspired by the jewellery my mother wore. Before starting this jewellery label I studied graphic design storytelling and illustration at LUCA school of arts in Brussels. After graduating I wanted to learn to create jewellery so I took a technical course of goldsmith training. I continually experiment with new techniques or search new inspirations to make my collection grow durably.

precious metals

Silver 925

Yellow Gold 18k 750

Rose Gold 18k 750
White Gold 18k 750