“Tess De Meerleer” stands for qualitative and durable design. The pieces are all handmade in Belgium by me and my team since 2016. As a designer I'm always looking for a balance between ornament and minimalism. The collection is created for those who care about uniqueness and exclusive design. For most people a jewel carries an emotional value, which makes it even more important that the jewellery is created with a certain quality. Such pieces can be worn by multiple generations and become peoples icons. Therefore timeless, durable and qualitative design are leading themes.

Challenges and discovering various cultures are part of the process to a certain design. The confrontations and the new inspirations make me push my creative boundaries farther. Personally I’m attracted to lively colors. The shapes, the life and the uniqueness of every stone is a source to a new design. Gemstones are from all over the world, which makes it interesting for me to go and discover what the origin of a certain gemstone is and create a collection that brings the gemstone back in connection with this source. For this reason I travelled to Colombia in 2017 to create an exclusive collection with the emerald gemstone. In 2019 I will launch a  Brasil collection.

Before starting this jewellery brand, I studied Graphic Design at LUCA School of arts in Brussels and goldsmith at Syntra. I continually experiment with new techniques and explore new ways to make my collection grow.

The store and the main atelier are based Belgium in the center of Mechelen.


All jewels are handmade and the gemstones are set by a professional stone setter.


Sterling Silver 925

Yellow Gold 18k 750

Rose Gold 18k 750
White Gold 18k 750

certified by the royal belgium mint

All jewels are marked with imprints.

One of the marks proves the quality of the precious metal while the other mark proves that the jewel has been made by the designer.



All the gemstones are cautiously selected  so that its quality is garanteed.

The jewel is accompanied by a personal info chart with details of the gemstones. The higher price range jewellery comes with an official certificate.