Project 2017


an exclusive collection


As a designer I'm always looking for new ways to improve my work. In 2017 I organized Project Colombia, where the gemstone and its source take a leading roll for an exclusive, handcrated collection.

The Colombian grounds are the biggest producer of the emerald gemstone, therefore I travelled seven weeks through Colombia to get familiar with the culture and the country. In this time I was able to learn more about emerald gemstones in Bogotà, the capital of Colombia and the emerald gemstone.

The gorgeous and typical green color of the emerald brings a certain character to the stone. The color remains forever when the stones are well treated. Every single emerald is different and that makes the jewel even more unique and personal. The cuts, the colors and the life of the emeralds where brought together with my travel experience and they became an inspiration for the designs. The typical emerald cuts are used in the collection and different qualities and greens are brought together. The ring carries a unique 2 carat emerald that is called a ‘cristal’ in the Colombian mouth. Emeralds are known for their predominant inclusions, also called ‘el jardín’, the garden of the gemstone. Therefore the eye-catcher cristal emerald in the ring is rare, being clear and free of inclusions.

The result is a timeless, balanced and timeless golden collection
with Colombian emerald gemstones.